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Hosting & Domains

Infofix Techonologies provide reliable and cost-effective hosting and domain solutions.

What exactly is hosting and why do I need it?

Hosting is the providing of storage/space on a server to allow your website to be accessible on the Internet. The server, acts as a computer that is always on, for your website to sit on. When visitors access your site the information they require is given to them by the server that hosts your website.

Hosting also provides you with E-Mail storage, in this scenario the server acts as a storage medium and collector for your emails to queue to and to stay on. This allows all your devices such as your computer, laptop and smart phone to be able to synchronise your E-Mails and constantly request for new E-Mails from the server.

This is the reason why choosing your Hosting platform is very important since reliability and support are key factors to ensure your website and E-Mails remain available. Our servers are cloud-based providing unrivalled reliability and high performance.

We also provide backups within all our Hosting packages as standard; we understand an untested backup is as good as no backup at all so we pro-actively test our backups every quarterly each year. This not only reassures us that our data's integrity is consistent but also allows us to demonstrate and test for a Disaster Recovery scenario to get you back up and running in the worst case scenario.